About Functional Athletic Training

My name is Adam Reeder and I am a certified personal trainer in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  I specialize in functional fitness and athletic training.  I strive to provide my clients with the most effective and efficient workout they can get to help them achieve their goals.

My view on personal training is very simple: my client’s success is my success.  When a client loses inches off their waist and drops their body fat, I feel as though I am succeeding by helping them succeed.  When an athlete improves their functional strength enough to where their coaches notice a big difference in their play, I am succeeding by helping them succeed.

You can find a more thorough breakdown of my approach to personal training here.

If you are interested in fitness, are looking for new exercises and routines, or just want some workout advice, this is a perfect place for you.  Check through all of my articles and be sure to find the “Secret 10-Minute Workouts” that I recently started to unveil.  The purpose of this blog is to inform and educate, not to sell.  I want this to become a place of conversation and discussion where any fitness questions you may have get answered.

Please “Like” this if you’re on Facebook and follow me @TrainFunctional if you’re on Twitter.  You can also subscribe to this blog so that you’ll get an email notification whenever I make an update.

Have a great day!

Adam Reeder, cPT

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